Meal Prepping for the Day

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Build : Onsu “Maple” Skybox ~ w/ Environment *I added in trees and snow to the outdoors
Kitchen cabinetry : [Consignment] Catia Kitchen – WHITE
Appliances : DBy Mesh [blue-touch] Home Appliances

Decor :
dust bunny homemade soup . bag of groceries
dust bunny . homemade soup . prep board
dust bunny . homemade soup . pot of soup . copper
dust bunny . sweetheart lunch . mac & cheese *gacha

LA GALLERIA Cutting Board w Knife

ACORN Vintage Style Dish Rack
ACORN Sink Brush Jug

Fancy Decor Grass Planter

hive // suds station *kitchen clutter gacha
hive // used flour scoop *gacha
hive // hanging glass light

Second Spaces – Get Fit – portion control *get fit gacha
Second Spaces – Get Fit – zoodles *gacha
Second Spaces – Scullery Rack – popcorn accessories *gacha
Second Spaces – Scullery Rack – ice cream accessories *gacha
Second Spaces – Scullery Rack – fancy spices RARE *gacha
Second Spaces – Well-stocked Pantry – oils *gacha

PLAAKA PicklesCabinet *this is the packaging in which the cabinet itself comes in! so cute!
PLAAKA PastaMachine
PLAAKA RavioliTray
PLAAKA CuiingRavioli
PLAAKA PastaCutter
PLAAKA FlourMountain
PLAAKA RavioliStamp Round
PLAAKA RavioliStamp Square
PLAAKA Artichokes Bottle *gacha
PLAAKA HangingGarlic *gacha
PLAAKA HangingOnion *gacha
PLAAKA PicklesMaking *gacha
PLAAKA HangingRedpepper *gacha
PLAAKA HangingTomato *gacha

Zaara : Dried chillies RARE *gacha
Zaara : Star Anise *gacha
Zaara : Nutmeg *gacha
Zaara : Cloves *gacha
Zaara : Cardamom *gacha
Zaara : Bayleaves *gacha
Zaara : Cinnamon *gacha

The Loft Flour, Sugar, Tea Canisters
The Loft – Oil and Vinegar
The Loft – Bulk Spice

[Black Bantam] Flour Sifter & Table Flour *gacha

Apple Fall Mixer – White & Gold
Apple Fall ‘Elvira’ Teapot

MudHoney Clio Shelf
MudHoney Kitchen Clutter Utensils
MudHoney Kitchen Clutter Pot Rack ULTRA RARE

Dutchie pepper and salt mills

ISON HOME – fatty piggy *gacha

Sari-Sari – Cabin Winter Home – Breakfast Griddle RARE *gacha

i { DH } Fall Cookies Sheet *gacha

Pixel Mode Spices *The Kitchen gacha

ROOST Mini Wine Fridge

llorisen keating blinds.dark wood

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